Dual Deluxe Flush Porta-Trailer

flushing_trailerunits_TAN flushing_trailerunits_TAN
flushing_trailerunits_TAN flushing_trailerunits_TAN

Includes 2 Deluxe Flush units on trailer. Each unit includes an 88-gallon waste tank, deluxe flushing system with stainless steel bowl, foot-operated handwash, custom designed waste basket, 4-roll toilet paper dispenser, solar light, upper corner shelf, and an 11” high quality mirror.

Floor area: Non-Flushing 1091” (sq)
Floor area: Deluxe Flush 1036” (sq)
Inside width 49”
Inside depth 44″
Inside height 81″
Head room (seat to wall) 20″
Base width 52.5″
Cabana width 3.5″
Base depth 51.5″
Cabana depth 48″
Height 47″
Forklift clearance 91″
Width 25″
Height 75″
Max angle 130″
Non-Flushing model 250 lbs.
Waste Tank (without urinal) 88 gal
Waste Tank (with urinal) 81.2 gal
Deluxe Flush water tank 26 gal
Handwash water 10 gal
Vent pipe OD 4.25”
Door gap top 0.4”
Door gap bottom 0.75”

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